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Your Questions Answered

Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions regarding The College’s programs, policies and more.

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General FAQs

The American College of Financial Services operates Monday through Friday from 8 AM – 6 PM ET, with the exception of the following 2024 dates:

  • Monday, January 1 (New Year’s Day observed)
  • Monday, January 15 (MLK Jr. Day)
  • Monday, May 27 (Memorial Day)
  • Wednesday, June 19 (Juneteenth observed)
  • Thursday, July 4 (Independence Day)
  • Monday, September 2 (Labor Day)
  • Monday, November 11 (Veteran’s Day)
  • Thursday, November 28 and Friday, November 29 (Thanksgiving)
  • Tuesday, December 24 and Wednesday, December 25 (Christmas)

The College operates on a quarterly schedule with course availability offered monthly:

  • Quarter 1 (Q1) = January - March
  • Quarter 2 (Q2) = April - June
  • Quarter 3 (Q3) = July - September
  • Quarter 4 (Q4) = October - December

Enroll online General enroll page or contact an admissions advisor at 866-799-8957 Monday through Friday 8 AM – 6 PM ET.

Personal Pathway® is a student learning experience available in select designation programs that allows you to choose from a structured learning path or the option to work at your own pace and potentially schedule and take your exam faster. Learn more about Personal Pathway®.

If you enroll in a course online, your student profile will be created automatically providing you access to My Learning Hub.

If you’ve enrolled with one of our admissions advisors, and have not created your Student Account, you’ll need to create an account in order to begin your studies. Once you’ve enrolled into your course, you will receive an enrollment confirmation email with a link to access the My Learning Hub account setup.

Try logging into My Learning Hub and click the "Forgot Password?" link.

If your course includes a physical textbook, expect to receive it in seven to ten business days after your registration is completed. You’ll receive a shipping confirmation through email, immediately after your registration is processed. It’s important that you provide a valid email address and home address so you receive all of the materials you need.

Please note that not all courses have a physical textbook. If your course includes a physical textbook, and you have not received your materials after 10 business days of your registration, please contact an academic advisor at 866-799-8957.

Yes. You are eligible for transfer credit towards your courses provided the following:

  • You have completed comparable courses at an accredited college or university, or in The American College of Financial Services Irwin Graduate School
  • Courses were completed within seven years prior to your application date, and a grade of a "B" or better was earned for the Irwin Graduate School or a “C” or better was earned for the Huebner School.

There is no charge to attempt to transfer credit. Read more about student policies

A student has five years from their first passed exam within a program to complete coursework.

See The College at a Glance to view the policy concerning timely completion of requirements for designation/degree programs. 

Upon enrollment into your final course of a designation, your designation application will be available to you in your My Learning Hub. This is your notice that you are a few steps away from designation completion. To receive your designation, you must successfully complete all of the required courses in your program, meet experience requirements and ethics standards, and agree to comply with The American College of Financial Services Code of Ethics and Procedures.

Yes, designees for any of the following certifications are required to participate in the Professional Recertification Program for your designation to remain active and in good standing*: CAP®, CASL®, ChFC®, ChSNC®, CLF®, CLU®, FSCP®, RICP®, and WMCP®.

Once The College awards a designation, that designee has a “right to use” the designation mark, provided all ongoing recertification requirements are met. Unlike academic degrees, designations can be removed for ethical violations or other forms of noncompliance. Please visit our Professional Recertification Program for more information.

The American College of Financial Services offers Graduate programs including the MSFP (Master of Science in Financial Planning, with available professional concentrations) and various Graduate Certificate Programs. Learn more about Graduate Programs.

Please contact the admissions department by email at admissions@theamericancollege.edu.

Over the years, the faculty at The College has made a substantial number of adjustments to the various curricula of its programs. At times, we have added course requirements, reduced course requirements, added electives, and eliminated electives, with each change seen as keeping the curriculum current and relevant. A by-product of these changes is that students within our programs, depending on the time they enrolled, may have somewhat different educational experiences as they pursue their designations. We want every student to have access to the most current professional education.

The College must be able to assure the public what it means to hold a designation. To this end, the faculty has agreed upon an academic standard known as the "current curriculum." Every student who is working on a designation with The College will be subject to the current curriculum requirements at that time, regardless of when the student started his or her program.

If you have any questions regarding the current curriculum or testing window changes please contact an admissions advisor at 866-799-8957, or complete the form on the Contact Us page.

No, The College does not participate in the GI Bill® program. If you are interested in scholarship opportunities for service and reserve members, veterans, and spouses, please learn more and apply here.

Yes! The College’s CFP® Certification Education Program has been approved for the My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) program. This program is a Department of Defense scholarship program created to support military members and their families.

MyCAA is a workforce development program that provides up to $4,000 of tuition assistance to eligible military spouses.

The College is looking to join forces with other scholarship programs to continue providing support to military members and their families.

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Continuing Education

Most of The College’s courses can be counted toward your CE credit requirements (varies by state). Due to each state’s mandated guidelines, we may not be able to fulfill your CE request if you’re taking your exam via Pearson VUE’s OnVUE online proctoring system. Students whose resident state requires a signed proctor affidavit form MUST take their exam at a Pearson VUE testing center in order to receive CE credit.

Please refer to the Browse all Programs page to determine how many CE credits each course is worth in your resident state.

The American College of Financial Services requires every course examination be proctored by a disinterested third party who is not the course moderator, not a relative or an immediate supervisor, nor employee of the producer, and one that has no financial or personal interest in the outcome of the examination. States having additional or alternate requirements are noted below. Students must follow all posted guidelines regardless of the reason for taking a course.

For courses in our Huebner School (RICP®, WMCP®, CLU®, ChFC®,FSCP® and CLF®) and graduate programs, unless the professor has specifically indicated otherwise, The American College of Financial Services partners with Pearson VUE to deliver our course examinations. Pearson VUE will act in lieu of the state required affidavit for the following states: AL, CO, GA, PA, AZ, CT, MA, VT, KS, NE, WV, NC, OH, IA, MT, MI, MN, and HI.

This means that students who take their exam for any of the above states will not have to submit a signed proctor affidavit form in order to receive CE credit. 

The remaining states require a proctor affidavit form signed at Pearson VUE testing center and faxed to 610-526-1402 within 24 hours. Students whose resident state requires a signed proctor affidavit form MUST take their exam at a Pearson VUE testing center in order to receive CE credit. These states are as follows: SC, AR, FL, NV, IN, WI, DC

Due to each state’s mandated guidelines, we may not be able to fulfill your CE request if you’re taking your exam via Pearson VUE’s OnVUE online proctoring system. Students whose resident state requires a signed proctor affidavit form must take their exam at a Pearson VUE testing center in order to receive CE credit. If you don’t wish to receive CE credit upon completion of your course, you are able to take your exam via OnVUE.

Any student taking their exam outside of a Pearson VUE testing center MUST have the proctor affidavit signed and returned regardless of the location for ALL affidavit states listed below.

Click on your resident state below to access your proctor affidavit form. An affidavit form must be brought to the testing center on the day of the exam. The exam center will not be able to provide them for you.

All affidavits must be faxed or emailed to The American College of Financial Services’ CE Department (610-526-1402 or CE@TheAmericanCollege.edu) no later than the day following the exam. State insurance CE credit will not be granted if your monitor/proctor affidavit is not received in a timely manner. Students who fail to return the appropriate affidavit will have to take the exam again if CE is desired.

For states including:

  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Hawaii
  • Pennsylvania
  • Wisconsin

Please Click Here: Multiple State Proctor Form


  • Michigan
  • Nevada

Please Click Here: Multiple State Proctor Form 2

No state-specific proctor criteria.

The proctor must also be a licensed producer for this state.

No state-specific proctor criteria.

No state-specific proctor criteria.

No state-specific proctor criteria.

The proctor must also be a licensed producer for this state with the exception of an exam administered at a Pearson VUE testing center.

No state-specific proctor criteria.

No state-specific proctor criteria.

Minnesota (Single Student)  
No state-specific proctor criteria.

North Carolina   
No state-specific proctor criteria.

No state-specific proctor criteria.

South Carolina   
No state-specific proctor criteria.

No state-specific proctor criteria.

The proctor must be an individual from the company's corporate training department, or a supervisor-appointed co-worker, or an approved test administration service.

West Virginia   
No state-specific proctor criteria.

It’s required that you request CE to be reported to your home state at the time of registration. As many states have deadlines from the examination date by which your CE must be reported, The College does not guarantee CE will be accepted by your state if you request after taking the final examination and is not responsible if CE isn’t awarded by your state. If you haven’t already requested CE to be reported for your course, please email CE@theamericancollege.edu and have your state license number ready.

Many of The College’s educational offerings and programs are eligible for CFP® CE credit. For our live webinars, instruction will be given during the webinar on how to request CFP® CE. You can request CFP® CE when you enroll for a course by providing your CFP® ID number. If you did not request CE at enrollment, or have questions concerning CFP® CE, please email CE@theamericancollege.edu for assistance.

If you would like a duplicate certificate because you have misplaced the original, or you require your CE credits to be reported immediately outside of our normal processing time of 5 to 7 business days, or if continuing education credit was never requested at the time of registration and you now require immediate processing and reporting, please complete the form. A fee of $35.00 will be charged whether the certificate is emailed or mailed.