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Know Yourself, Grow Your Wealth®

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Best For

Those seeking a stronger relationship with themselves and their money


8-10 Weeks


This consumer e-learning program is delivered through a best-in-class learning management system. Learn more about the program below.

100% Virtual


Available Through Select Partnerships

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A Financial Empowerment Experience

Just-in-Time Learning for Moments that Matter

Know Yourself, Grow Your Wealth® is a non-credit certificate program that helps you improve financial decision-making, increase your financial security, and put into practice strategies to achieve your financial goals.

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Program at a Glance

Admissions Requirements

There are no prerequisite courses or admissions requirements to enroll in Know Yourself, Grow Your Wealth®. If you want to improve your relationship with money and understanding of personal finance, and you’re 18 years or older, you’ve come to the right place!

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Cost to You

Program tuition is paid on a partnership basis with philanthropic partners, institutions, or organizations. Through this unique e-learning program, you'll be empowered to:

  • Build practical skills and capabilities
  • Improve financial wellness and reduce stress
  • Expand your knowledge of yourself and your money
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What You'll Learn

Know Yourself, Grow Your Wealth® delivers snackable, bite-sized chunks of personal finance knowledge for easy, on-the-go learning. Whether learning how to fund college, start an emergency fund, save for a first-time home, or pay off high-interest debt, gain financial insights to help you make better financial decisions.

Get started today to learn:

  • Greater insight into how you think, feel, and interact with your money
  • Financial education fundamentals
  • How to define your financial goals
  • Budgeting skills for resource management
  • How culture, race, and gender impact financial matters
  • How to navigate the financial aspects of life transitions and critical financial events
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Course Delivery

Know Yourself, Grow Your Wealth® is delivered on a state-of-the-art learning management system, broken into courses that facilitate mindful, meaningful, integrative ideas and discussion points.

Benefit from an easy-to-navigate e-learning experience that includes:

  • Anytime, anywhere access to all virtual courses and materials
  • Fillable worksheets to apply lessons learned
  • Virtual badges to share with your friends and family on social media
  • A certificate of completion from The American College of Financial Services after you’ve completed the program

Lively discussion forums in each module focus on these points, allowing you to solidify your knowledge. Complete all course modules at your own pace. However, 10-15 minutes a day is recommended to complete the program in 8-10 weeks, then return time after time to access the financial insights you need when making critical financial decisions. 

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Why Enroll in Know Yourself, Grow Your Wealth®?


In credit card debt is owed by Americans as of Q1 2022.1


Of non-retirees think their retirement savings is not on track.2


Of American teens lack confidence in their knowledge of personal finance.3

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Know Yourself, Grow Your Wealth® is Right For You If:

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You Want to Make the Most of Your Money for Life

You Want to Maximize Each Paycheck

Learn personal finance fundamentals to increase your financial stability today and help you achieve your financial goals for tomorrow.

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You Want to Navigate to Better Financial Decisions

You Face a Life Transition

Life happens, and not always as we expect. When welcoming a new baby, getting married, buying your first home, going through a divorce, or losing a loved one, access the financial knowledge you need to help navigate your way to a new day.

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The More You Know, The More You Can Lead the Way

You Want to Help Others Succeed

You want to achieve personal financial success, yet helping others find their path to prosperity is equally important. With a mastery of foundational financial knowledge, you’re on your way to helping others grow in financial security.

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This course will open your mind to a lot of opportunities out there. You will literally get to know yourself better.

Program Student

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I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in making this course possible! It was very well put together and makes financial literacy a real possibility for me and others.

Program Student

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Know Yourself, Grow Your Wealth® was worth every minute. The return on investment of knowledge will never go away or go out of date.

Program Student


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Financial Ed that’s Easy to Digest

Take the First Bite!

Improve your relationship with money with snackable on-the-go financial education! Spend as little as 10-15 minutes daily to expand your knowledge and improve your financial decision-making!

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1 Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Quarterly Report for Household Debt and Credit. 2022.

2 Annuity.org. 47+ Fascinating Financial Literacy Statistics in 2022. 2022.