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Admissions Requirements

What you need to know about our admissions requirements and becoming a lifelong learner at The American College of Financial Services.

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Undergraduate Admissions Policy

We Welcome Everyone to Our Undergraduate Programs

The College offers industry-recognized certifications and designations, including a program qualifying students to sit for the CFP® exam. The College is an open-enrollment institution admitting all applicants with a high school diploma or equivalent.

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Graduate Programs Admissions Policy

Further Education for Experienced Professionals

The College offers two Master’s degrees and various graduate level designations and certifications to further your financial services career. Master’s degree applicants need a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.

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Experience Requirement for Huebner School Applicants

For all Huebner School designations, applicants must have three years of full-time, a high school diploma or GED, and relevant business experience to earn a designation. The three-year period must be within the five years preceding the date of the award. Due to differing program structures, the WMCP® requires one year of relevant experience. The following activities meet the business experience requirements for Huebner School certification: 

  1. Insurance and healthcare  
    1. Field underwriting and management, including sales and service activities; supervision and management of persons involved in sales or services; or staff support of persons in these activities  
    2. Company management and operations in positions involving substantial responsibility
  2. Financial services and employee benefits  
    1. Client services and related management, including direct contact with clients; supervision and management of persons involved directly in the process of providing financial services or employee benefits; or staff support of persons in these activities  
    2. Financial institution management and operations in positions involving substantial responsibility
  3. Other 
    1. University or college teaching of subjects related to the Huebner School curriculum on a full-time basis at a regionally accredited institution of higher education 
    2. Government regulatory service in a related field in a responsible administrative, supervisory, or operational capacity  
    3. Activities directly or indirectly related to the protection, accumulation, conservation, or distribution of the economic value of human life; these include the work of actuaries, attorneys, certified public accountants (CPAs), investment advisors, real estate investment advisors, stockbrokers, trust officers, or persons in other similar occupations.

An undergraduate or graduate degree from an accredited institution of higher education qualifies as one year of business experience. Qualifying part-time business experience is credited toward the three-year requirement on an hourly basis, with 2,000 hours representing the equivalent of one year of full-time experience. 

A Lifelong Commitment to Professional Values

By enrolling in a course at The College, all students agree to be bound by the following Admissions Declarations:

“I agree to be bound by The College Code of Ethics and Procedures and other ethical codes or standards that apply to this designation. I am aware that successfully passing an examination is not the sole requirement for the awarding of a certification or designation and I agree that I shall not be entitled to the certification or designation unless I also meet any experience or ethical standards established by the Board of Trustees. I understand that I must complete the educational requirements for a particular program within five years from the date of the initial course registration in that program. I further understand that upon award of my designation, I will be obligated to comply with the continuing education requirements and pay any associated recertification fees required by The College to maintain use of the designation.”

The College reserves the right to void any examination if, in its sole opinion, there is a reason to question its validity. I agree to be bound by the policies of The College and understand it is my responsibility to make myself aware of additional policies announced in the future that are applicable to my designation(s).