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Why Knowledge Hub+

On-Demand Insights to Elevate Your Practice

With over 60 hours of CFP Board-approved learning, Knowledge Hub+ is a one-stop shop for all your CE needs. And with in-depth content from America’s top financial industry experts, this premium subscription platform also supports your ongoing professional growth.

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Get to Know Knowledge Hub+

Discover the unique insights available on-demand to elevate your expertise. Explore this peer-reviewed, five-star-rated CE session led by industry experts Chet R. Bennetts, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, RICP®, CLF®, and Eric Ludwig, PhD, CFP®, as they explain how to leverage AI platforms like ChatGPT in your practice.

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Knowledge Hub+ Platform at a Glance

What You’ll Receive

Knowledge Hub+ provides you with immediate access to over 60 hours of on-demand, just-in-time learning in eight key areas:

  • Advanced planning
  • Ethics in financial services
  • Financial planning
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Practice management
  • Retirement planning
  • Wealth management

Presented by over 35 industry-leading experts, these video-based learning experiences offer essential insights that empower you to grow your business and serve your clients better.  Knowledge Hub+’s quarterly live virtual events also offer a unique opportunity for subscribers to engage directly with the presenters, getting their questions on emerging issues answered in real time.

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CE Credit

If you’re in search of valued and valuable CE to maintain your professional designations and certifications, Knowledge Hub+ makes fulfilling your CE credit requirements easy.

The platform delivers a robust library of 50-minute courses that are College- and CFP Board-approved. Built-in automated reporting to the CFP Board and The College’s records makes it easy for designees and certified professionals to stay on track to meet their 30-hour CE requirements without worry or fuss.  

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Knowledge Hub+ is a premium, subscription-based service that costs $179 per year. This all-inclusive fee covers access to a comprehensive library of 60+ hours of College- and CFP Board-approved learning, built-in automated CE reporting, monthly releases of new learning, quarterly live webcasts with leading experts, plus CE 128 and CE 126, delivering two hours of CFP Board- and College-approved ethics CE, respectively.

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Your First Stop

Everyone has access to our publicly available Knowledge Hub, delivering the latest insights, news, and research in financial services.

While Knowledge Hub is freely accessible to all, our subscriber-only premium offering Knowledge Hub+ is designed for those who want to dive deeper on key topics, earn CE credit, and build their knowledge and skills to expand their opportunities.

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Knowledge Hub+ by the Numbers


Leading financial services experts offer reliable, practical answers to today’s toughest financial services questions.

4.9 Stars

Is the average rating provided by learners deepening their knowledge and expertise.


Professionals already have access to applied CE from College academics and industry experts.

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Knowledge Hub+ is Right for You if:

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You Need a One-Stop CE Solution

Access 60+ Hours of CE Credit

Knowledge Hub+ offers extensive, wide-ranging CE options – and automated reporting to College and CFP Board records.

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You Want Information You Can Trust

Built by the Leader in Applied Financial Knowledge

The platform’s educators, innovators, and practitioners are experts in their fields. They are either College faculty or some of the biggest, most respected names on consequential topics.

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You Have Complex Questions About Emerging Issues

Quarterly Live Sessions Focused on Timely Topics

Learn from the experts and get your questions answered during live quarterly webcasts focused on what’s top of mind.

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Discover Popular Knowledge Hub+ Courses

Advanced Planning: Roth Conversions Prior to Sunset

Presented by Robert S. Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP®

Roth conversions have always had the potential to unlock hidden value. However, 2024 may be an especially effective year to consider a conversion as many marginal tax rate increases seem to be clearly on the horizon along with significant changes to conversion and accumulation rules.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the tax law regarding Roth distributions
  • Understand the tax law regarding Roth conversion
  • Understand who should consider a Roth conversion

Principles of Tax Planning for Financial Advisors

Presented by Jeffrey Levine, CFP®, CPA/PFS, ChFC®, RICP®, CWS, AIF, BFA™

Financial Advisors serve clients with a diverse array of backgrounds, financial resources, goals, and objectives. But while no two clients are the same, nearly all clients share the common goal of “paying the least amount of tax possible.” It should come as no surprise then, that clients of all income and asset levels are increasingly seeking “tax planning” guidance from their financial advisors.

Upon successful completion of this learning activity, you will confidently be able to:

  • Learn why Financial Advisors can, and should engage in tax planning
  • Identify a client’s true tax rate and understand why focusing on the rate is more important than the bracket
  • Explore the difference between tax advice, and tax planning, education, and information
  • Discover why the goal of achieving tax diversification is misguided and what advisors should focus on instead

Wealth Management: Investing in Behavioral Markets

Presented by Michael Finke, PHD, CFP®

This course provides an in-depth discussion of behavioral concepts related to investing and wealth management, including investment factors and other violations of traditional finance theory, managing client behavioral investing mistakes, and building and managing portfolios that incorporate client biases and capture opportunities to improve performance.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand common violations of traditional finance theory  
  • Recognize opportunities for constructing more efficient portfolios
  • Evaluate client biases that impact investment performance
  • Develop communication strategies to help clients manage behavioral response to risk.

Practice Management: How to Communicate with Impact and Influence

Presented by Deirdre Van Nest

This course will help you deepen relationships with current clients and quickly win new business by leveraging a specific storytelling strategy – your “Personal Brand Why Story.” When you learn how to package and share this story in a way that’s meaningful for your ideal clients, you’ll accelerate trust and get to the “Yes!” quicker.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Discover the three story types every advisor must have in their toolkit
  • Learn why making sure your client “gets” what you’re saying is a big mistake
  • Experience firsthand how sharing your “Personal Brand Why Story” increases trust, connection, and likeability in three minutes or less
  • Understand why humanizing yourself is critical to the future of your business
  • Learn how top professionals are using their stories to attract clients and get to the “Yes!” quicker 

Risk Management: The Value of Permanent Life Insurance in Wealth Management

Presented by Presented by Michael Finke, PHD, CFP® and Ragiv Rebello, Colva Actuarial Services

While permanent life insurance is often a polarizing financial product, in reality life insurance is simply a product design with a unique set of tax advantages that can be a valuable tool for higher-income, high-net-worth clients.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will confidently be able to:

  • Understand the structure and pricing of permanent insurance policies.
  • Evaluate tax-efficient investing strategies within permanent life insurance policies.
  • Recognize how to incorporate a life insurance policy into a wealth management strategy that incorporates asset location.
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Knowledge Hub+ has been a fantastic resource to tackle CFP® CE credits and the content itself is digestible enough to fit into open windows throughout my days. The platform is easily navigable and has been a very beneficial resource for me.

Derreck Krause


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The American College of Financial Services Academics:

Chet R. Bennetts, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, RICP®, CLF®

David Blanchett, PhD, MSFS, CFA, CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®

Chia-Li Chien, PhD, CFP®, PMP®, CPBC

Sophia Duffy, JD, CPA, AEP®

Azish Filabi, JD, MA

Michael Finke, PhD, CFP®

Timi Joy Jorgensen, PhD

James Karthaus, MA, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®

Jennifer Lehman, PhD, JD, CFP®, CAP®

Eric Ludwig, MA, CFP®

Joellen Meckley, JD, MHS, ChSNC®

Steve Parrish, JD, RICP®, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP®

Ed Slott, CPA

Industry Innovators, Experts, and Practice Management Leaders:

Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC – C2P Enterprises

Denise Appleby – Appleby Retirement Consulting

Ian Berger, JD – Ed Slott and Company, LLC

Sarah Brenner, JD – Ed Slott and Company, LLC

Don Graves, RICP®, CLTC® - Housing Wealth Institute

Philipp Hecker - Bento Engine

Adam Holt, CFP®, ChFC® - Asset-Map

Jamie Hopkins, Esq., LLM, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, RICP® - Bryn Mawr Trust, Income Lab, and FinServ Foundation

Andy Ives, CFP®, AIF® - Ed Slott and Company, LLC

Robert S. Keebler, CPA/PFS, MST, AEP (Distinguished), CGMA - Keebler & Associates, LLP

Jeffrey Levine, CPA, PFS, CFP®, RICP®, ChFC®, CWS, AIF, BFA™ - Buckingham Strategic Wealth

Rick McClanahan - National Association of Certified Financial Fiduciaries, LLC

Alex Murguia, PhD – RISA

Wade Pfau, PhD, CFA, RICP® - RISA

Tina Powell - Intention.ly

Fred Reish, JD

Tyrone V. Ross, Jr. - 401 Financial

Heather Schreiber, RICP®, NSSA® - HLS Retirement Consulting

Matt Seitz – C2P Enterprises

Jason L. Smith, CEP®, BPC – C2P Enterprises

Deirdre Van Nest - Crazy Good Talks

Kelly Waltrich - Intention.ly

You can find current subscription details here. NOTE: Subscription terms are subject to change. Refer to the terms at the time of your subscription.

Members of the PRP who have met all the requirements, including paying their annual recertification fee, and those who subscribe to Knowledge Hub+ can access the platform via a tile found in their My Learning Hub. Once clicked, Knowledge Hub+ opens via single sign-on.

If you are a College designee in good standing and do not see the Knowledge Hub+ tile in your My Learning Hub, please verify that you’ve met all the requirements of the Professional Recertification Program (PRP).

If you find you have PRP fees outstanding, Knowledge Hub+ will be restored immediately upon payment of all outstanding fees.

  1. First, you want to ensure your CFP ID is entered and accurate. Without your CFP ID, the learning you complete is not eligible for CFP CE credit and will not be reported to the CFP Board.
  2. Next, use the search tools in the Knowledge Library to identify the topic categories you most want to expand your knowledge. Then, mark your favorites by clicking on the heart icon found on each learning tile. Once you have selected your favorites, you can view them all in the Dashboard.
  3. Track your progress using My Progress, which is accessible from the Dashboard. Here, you can see what you've completed and where you've left off.
  4. Be sure to visit Knowledge Hub+ frequently to see what's new! New growth-focused knowledge is added quarterly, along with exclusive live events you can only register for within the platform.
  5. Lastly, please provide us with your feedback using the Contact Us form or the surveys you receive. We value your suggestions to ensure we are delivering the learning for what you need to know now!

It is important that your CFP ID number is entered in Knowledge Hub+. If your CFP ID number is not provided, CE credit cannot be reported to the CFP Board. If your CFP ID number is entered, eligible content you successfully complete is automatically reported.

NOTE: CFP Board CE credit cannot be reported retroactively, therefore it is important to review and ensure your CFP ID number is entered and accurate in Knowledge Hub+.