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Those who have demonstrated great leadership, come from underrepresented communities, and other exceptional individuals are poised to make a great impact on financial services. Our scholarship opportunities will help them carve a path to success.

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Power Your Growth, Invest in Yourself

We’re committed to helping you navigate new roads to success through scholarships for The College’s valued and valuable educational programs.

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Opportunities for Students

Empowering Lifelong Learners

The American College of Financial Services is proud to offer scholarship opportunities to individuals who have demonstrated great leadership, come from underserved or underrepresented communities, and other exceptional individuals.

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Scholarships FAQs

To accommodate the varying schedules and needs of our prospective students, scholarships are awarded semiannually. The application and award timeline is as follows:

  • FALL 2024
    • Application deadline: August 15th
    • Award notification: September 15th
    • Program start date: Early October
  • SPRING 2025
    • Application deadline: January 15th
    • Award notification: February 15th
    • Program start date: Early March

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications well in advance of the deadline to ensure they have ample time to complete all required materials to the best of their ability. After the application period closes, the selection committee convenes to review submissions. Decisions are then made to award scholarships to the most deserving candidates based on the selection criteria.

Notifications of scholarship awards are sent out to recipients by September 15th, 2024 for the Fall round and February 15th, 2025 for the Spring round. These notifications will include detailed information about the scholarship awarded, including the amount, conditions for maintaining the scholarship, and steps for acceptance.

We are committed to a transparent and equitable selection process and to providing substantial support to our students through these scholarships. We look forward to receiving your application and potentially supporting your academic journey.

Have additional scholarship questions? Email Scholarship@theamericancollege.edu

Our scholarship selection criteria focuses on four main areas: Community Innovator, Impact, Need, and Ambition:

  1. Community Innovator
    • Demonstrated initiative in identifying and addressing community needs.
    • Evidence of leadership in community service projects, development of beneficial products/services, and/or pursuit of education to enable innovation and change.
  2. Impact
    • Evidence of tangible improvements within the community as a result of the applicant's efforts.
    • Measurability and clarity of outcomes.
  3. Need
    1. Financial or situational necessity for the scholarship. For single applicants, an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $150,000 or less, and for married applicants, an AGI of $250,000 or less.
    2. Demonstrated barriers to accessing education or career opportunities.
  4. Ambition
    1. Clear articulation of personal, educational, and professional goals.
    2. Plans for future contribution to the community and/or field.

To be eligible for the scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Show a strong record of community involvement and leadership, with initiatives that address community needs.
  • Provide evidence of tangible, measurable improvements within the community that result from your efforts.
  • Demonstrate financial or situational need, with an AGI of $150,000 or less for single applicants, and $250,000 or less for married applicants.
  • Clearly articulate your personal, educational, and professional goals, and outline your plans for future contributions to your community or field.

If you meet these criteria, you are encouraged to apply for the scholarship and showcase your potential for making a significant impact.

The scholarship award covers program tuition and includes all required materials necessary for course completion. However, please note that the scholarship does not cover fees associated with test retakes, reenrollment, or test preparation courses. Recipients are responsible for any costs incurred for these additional services.

Scholarships are funded by our generous donors, many of whom specify their preferred designations for their contributions, resulting in variable funding. Currently, all designations are eligible except for our graduate programs.