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Your Personal Pathway® to Professional Success

Pick your preferred learning path and benefit from a cutting-edge e-learning platform, digital class materials, and discussion spaces — all included with tuition.

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Structured or Self-Paced? It’s Your Decision

Busy professionals learn in different ways and at different speeds. You need options that align to your unique learning preferences. With Personal Pathway®, choose from a structured 14-week learning path, or work at your own pace and potentially take your exam faster.

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Personal Pathway® Featured Highlights

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Increase Knowledge Retention

The structured 14-week learning path is designed to help you learn and retain the course content in a dynamic, experiential model.

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Absorb Our All-Inclusive Education

One flat tuition includes live webinars, digital textbook, course syllabus, and other resources.

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Experience Comprehensive Grading

Benefit from a weighted grading policy that considers coursework and class participation in addition to your final exam.

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Finish Courses Faster

Enjoy the flexibility to complete courses sooner than 14 weeks.

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Learn More about Personal Pathway®

Learn your way when you enroll in these professional designation programs: 

Courses start the first Thursday of every month and enrollment opens the first day of the previous month. If you’re enrolled in a package, you’re automatically enrolled in the next course upon successful completion. 

You can enroll in a course that has started during the Add Period, which starts on the first day of enrollment and runs until the following Wednesday. If you miss the Add Period window for the next course, you must enroll in the course that starts the following month.

Courses using the Personal Pathway® model follow a 14-week recommended learning path. The first 10 weeks feature structured lessons that include textbook readings, focused multimedia lesson reviews, discussion forum posts, preparatory quizzes, and more. The 4-week period following the 10-week coursework period is reserved for scheduling and taking your course's final exam. Personal Pathway® courses have required, graded coursework specifically designed to help you perform better on your final exams. You must complete the required coursework to sit for your final exam, but that coursework also counts toward your final course grade and reduces the stress of one high-stakes exam.

Some employers may reimburse you for your paid tuition. Please contact your company for more information.

Personal Pathway® puts you in charge of your learning. For example, if you complete your required coursework in seven weeks, you can add the remaining 3 weeks of the coursework period to the 4-week exam period to schedule your final exam. You’ll always have 10 weeks to learn and complete coursework and at least four additional weeks to test, but you can finish sooner!

For self-study courses, your testing window begins on the day you enroll, and you will have the rest of the current month plus the next four months to take your exam. For example: If you enroll in May, you will have May, June, July, August, and September to take your exam.

What can you expect with Personal Pathway®?

  • Dynamic, evidence-based lessons
  • Digital textbook available at enrollment (25% publisher discount on physical textbook if you need it)
  • Weekly instructor-led webinars
  • Enhanced lesson reviews
  • Knowledge checks
  • Practice exams