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Are You Financially Ready to Have Children?

Nov 22, 2021

Financially planning for the birth of a new child can add all kinds of stresses and considerations to an individual or couple’s tight budgets. What are the best steps to take to prepare for having kids?

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Getting Social Impact Right with Corporate Purpose

Nov 19, 2021

Domarina Oshana, PhD, is a social scientist and research development professional. She is the Research Director for Corporate Programs for the American College Cary M.

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Wanted: A Name for the Hottest-Growing Annuity in the United States

Life Annuity Specialist
Nov 17, 2021

What’s in a name? Financial products and services over the years have prospered or suffered because of well-constructed or inaccurate names, and nowhere is this more true than in the area of guaranteed income products.

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George Nichols III, President and CEO

George Nichols III Named to Savoy’s List of 2021 Most Influential Black Corporate Directors

Savoy Magazine
Nov 17, 2021

The American College of Financial Services’ President and CEO George Nichols III is no stranger to firsts, especially when blazing new trails for Black professionals.

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3 In 5 Black Women Have Trouble Finding Advisors They Trust

Nov 15, 2021

According to a recent study on Black Women, Trust, and the Financial Services Industry from The College’s

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Financial Services Industry Fails to Earn Trust of Majority of Black Women

Nov 15, 2021

Out of 3,500 Black women surveyed across the country, only about half have confidence and trust in the financial services industry as a whole: that’s according to an

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WMCP Brochure

9 Questions for a VIP: Michael Finke

Nov 12, 2021

WMCP® Program Director Michael Finke has his finger on the pulse of the financial services indust

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The Trust Gap Between Advisors and Black Women

Retirement Income Journal
Nov 11, 2021

For much of history, the Black community has been denied the same economic rights as white citizens. But with the financial power of Black communities, and especially Black women, on the rise, advisors need to reevaluate how they approach and work with these potential clients.

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Meet the New Rock Stars of the C-Suite

Nov 10, 2021

Even with advancing opportunities for careers and financial advising, many communities are struggling to find representation.

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Black Investors Want to Work With Advisors Like Them, 2 Studies Show

Nov 09, 2021

Recent academic research, including our Center for Economic Empowerment and Equality’s own study on

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