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9 Concepts to Eliminate from Disability Insurance Sales Conversations

Sep 16, 2019

Poet William Butler Yeats once said to “think like a wise man, but communicate in the language of the people.” While it’s true that the right verbiage and empathetic delivery may show clients you understand their unique reality and circumstances, even the most well

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Target-Date Funds in Retirement Planning

Reshma Kapadia, Barron's
Sep 14, 2019

Wade Pfau, Professor of Retirement Income, met with Barron's to provide his insight on asset allocations for target-date funds. This article was originally published in Barron's.

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New Retirement Options for the Military

John Hanc, The New York Times
Sep 12, 2019

Ted Digges, executive director of The American College Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs, met with The New York Times to discuss the military’s new retirement option. This article was originally published in The New York Times on September 12, 2019.

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Two Decision Making Systems

Sep 10, 2019

The change in attitude between planning and reality is similar to what happens when you set an alarm clock. You decide the most reasonable time to wake up the night before. Then, when morning arrives, you no longer believe that this time was all that reasonable.

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The Philosophy of Goal-based Investment Planning

Sep 10, 2019

Most of us view our investment portfolio as numbers on a screen. These numbers go up, sometimes they go down.

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ChFC and CFP: Ask Not Which is Better, But Rather Which is Right for You

Sep 10, 2019

If you’re an advisor who’s made the decision to pursue an advanced financial designation, you understand that a significant commitment of time and passion will soon be spent in the quest to build a more successful practice and become a more knowledgable.

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Retirement Income Drawdown Strategies

Sep 10, 2019

Steve Parrish, Retirement Center Co-director, details retirement drawdown goals and key strategies in his column on Forbes.

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Does A Business Owner Ever Really Retire

Sep 06, 2019

Business owners have a unique view of retirement because they look at retirement as some future event that happens to others – not to the business owner.

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Advisors and Clients Need to Find Their Retirement Income Style

Aug 28, 2019

Within the world of retirement income planning, the siloed nature of financial services between investments and insurance leads to two opposing philosophies about how to build a retirement plan.

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2019 Social Security Survey Results

Aug 20, 2019

The future of the Social Security system in the United States is a pressing concern for retirees and anyone who is planning for retirement. 

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