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Panic at Family, Inc.: Strategies for Business Transfers Under Biden’s Proposed Tax Plan

Financial Planning
Jul 26, 2021

President Biden has proposed sweeping changes to the nation’s tax laws that are aimed at making the very wealthy pay their “fair share”; however, College Assistant Vice President and Director of Regulatory Compliance

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Are Your Retirement Savings on Track? These Benchmarks Can Help Determine Where You Stand

Jul 24, 2021

According to retirement planning experts, the most important factors to consider about retirement age are how much you’ve already saved and your current age.

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The Real Threat of Inflation in Retirement

Jul 20, 2021

With worries about inflation on the rise, there’s a growing fear among those at or near retirement that their savings won’t be enough to cover costs of living in the new, more expensive environment.

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Universal Life Insurance Makes Big Promises. Can These “Overly Complex” Policies Actually Keep Them?

Jul 19, 2021

Universal life insurance policies have come under scrutiny lately thanks to court cases and public perception that the policies are overly complicated and can spell trouble for both insurers and consumers.

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Expert: It's “A Little Scary” for Retirees to Spend Their Savings

Yahoo! Finance
Jul 15, 2021

While financial advisors often tout the importance of saving up for retirement to their clients, upon reaching retirement, many of those clients may be hesitant to spend their hard-earned savings.

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What to Consider When Deciding Between a Revocable and Irrevocable Trust

Jul 14, 2021

Contrary to popular belief, trust funds in financial planning are not just used by the super-rich: in fact, they can be just as useful for many middle-class Americans.

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These 6 Psychological Biases May be Holding You Back from Building Wealth

Jul 08, 2021

During a market downturn, investors are even more likely to make hasty decisions and sell off assets when they should ride out the turbulence; that’s according to WMCP® Program Director

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Review of “Homeland Elegies” by Ayad Akhtar

Journal of Business Ethics
Jul 07, 2021

In his book Homeland Elegies, author Ayad Akhtar breaks down the truth and mythology surrounding business success in American life and how it intersects with politics, philosophy, psychology, and even ethical practices.

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The Insurance Industry’s Diversity Quest: One Size Does Not Fit All

Carrier Management
Jul 07, 2021

At this year’s Global Insurance Symposium summit in Des Moines, Iowa, leading figures and thought leaders from the insurance industry gathered to, among other things, discuss the importance of increasing diversity in big insurance companies.

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Hall of Fame, Fall of Shame: Marshall Faulk Loves Planning With Insurance

Jul 07, 2021

Even with all the considerable resources at their disposal, professional athletes can still find themselves in hot water because of a lack of awareness or knowledge about proper financial planning.

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