Paying For Your Education

Tuition, fees, and scholarship opportunities.

An education from The American College of Financial Services is an investment in your future. Expand your knowledge and increase your value to your company, clients, and prospects with our proven results as your lifelong learning partner.

Huebner School (Undergraduate Studies / Professional Designations), Irwin Graduate School, and Sales Training (FSCP®) - Full tuition payment is required at the time of registration. Fees may be applicable at the time of enrollment and are subject to change.

The College believes in the value its alumni provide for the benefit of society and making education accessible. Learn more about The College’s scholarship opportunities for military families and historically underrepresented communities.



Single Course: $810 
CFP® / ChFC® Case Analysis (HS 333): $1,010 
ChFC® Premium Course (HS 347): $1,490 
3-Course Package: $2,150, HS 333 & HS 347 excluded
8-Course Package: $5,400 

Single Course: $810 
CFP® / ChFC® Case Analysis (HS 333): $1,010 
3-Course Package: $2,150, HS 333 & HS 347 excluded
7-Course Package: $4,450 
CFP® Dalton Guarantee to Pass (CP 120): $2,195 
CFP® Dalton Review (CP 121): $1,395
7-Course Package + CFP® Dalton Review: $5,350 

Single Course: $810
3-Course Package: $2,150 
8-Course Package: $4,950 

Program – Pay in Full: $2,750 paid in full at time of enrollment
Program – Payment Plan: $2,900 over six monthly payments 

Single Course: $950 
3-Course Package: $2,450  

Single Course: $850
Webinar Capstone (HS 377)*: $1,100 
3-Course Package: $2,450 

Single Course: $950
Professional Patterns of Mgmt (HS 381): $1,390 (webinar)
Field Management Seminar (HS 386): $470 
Field Capstone (HS 385): $2,150 

Single Course: $510
Ethics Course (FA 290): $170 

Graduate School 
CAP® Single Course: $1,895
CAP® 3-Course Package: $3,800 
CAP® Nonprofit Single Course: $1,350 
CAP® Nonprofit 3-Course Package: $3,000 
MSM Single Course: $3,300 
MSFS Single Course: $1,895 
Certificate Programs Courses: $1,895 
AEP® Courses: $1,895
MSM and MSFS Graduate School Application Fee: $100 (Non-refundable) 

Other Courses 
Intro to Financial Planning (CP 102): $650 
Ethics in Financial Services (CE 128)**: $60 
IRA Success: $195/Course, $2,100/12-Course Package

International Programs 
GFSP™ Single Course: $330 
GFSP™ 3-Course Package: $900
GLMP™ Program: $2,500 

Other Fees 
Webinar Fee: $250
IRP Fee: $350  
WMCP® Exam Retake Fee: $125 
WMCP® Cancellation Fee: $495 
WMCP® Program Window Extension: $125
Personal Pathway™ Course Re-Enrollment Fee: $300
HS / GS Exam Retake or Reschedule Fee: $125 
HS 347 Exam Retake or Reschedule Fee: $250 
HS / GS Cancellation Fee: $125 
Package Cancellation Fee: $495
FSCP® Exam Retake or Reschedule Fee: $75 
CFP® / State CE Replacement Certificate: $35 
Duplicate Diploma: $95 
Transcript: $35 
Challenge Fee: $175  

Professional Recertification Program 
Client Facing: $125 
Non-Client Facing: $50 
Late Fee: $50 
Reinstatement Fee: $100 

* Webinar only
** Tuition can be credited to Professional Recertification fee


The College proudly supports veterans and in partnership with Penn Mutual is pleased to offer veterans scholarship opportunities to help them further their education, and start a new career path, in financial services.

The scholarship program offered by The American College Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs affords a unique opportunity for military veterans, and their spouses, seeking a new direction through flexible distance learning and training.

Scholarships are awarded based on military status, financial need, accomplishments, academic potential, quality of recommendations, and other extenuating circumstances.

Scholarships are available to:

  • Active duty military
  • Veterans who have received an honorable discharge
  • A spouse of a qualified candidate or surviving spouse

The American College of Financial Services believes the financial industry must make a concerted effort to recruit, educate, place, and support thousands more Black financial advisors. The face of this profession needs to change, and that change starts now.

The African American scholarship programs award full scholarships for top professional credentials to students and career changers.

The Wealth Management Certified Professional® (WMCP®) Scholarship for the Advancement of Women in Financial Services is an unparalleled educational and mentorship experience focused on transforming the way you approach wealth management through applied knowledge from core specialized content areas including building efficient investment portfolios, evaluating financial instruments, understanding complex planning strategies, and more.

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