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For Experienced Professionals

For Experienced Professionals

You're ready for the next level.

You are at a critical stage of your career. You have experienced success, and you want to ensure that you can continue to excel. You now have a clear understanding of what your clients are looking for, and know that an education that complements your experience will make you an even more trusted advisor.

Experienced financial services professionals without a designation or advanced degree will benefit from programs such as CLU®, ChFC®, or CFP® certification education. Each of these programs have their own distinctions, all are aimed at providing you thorough, practical knowledge that can be immediately applied to building your business and serving your customers better. And now, courses in each program are available through the Personal Pathway® learning model.

Others may find the most value in a specialized designation, such as RICP® or WMCP®, or an advanced degree such as the MSM or MSFS. These programs offer highly focused courses that will give you the ability to better target potential customers and better position themselves in the marketplace. 

Recommended Programs