Maintaining your designation through a commitment to ethics and continuing education

Your Professional Recertification Program

Since our founding in 1927, The American College of Financial Services has been committed to serving the public through increasing the knowledge and professionalism of financial advisors. As one part of that commitment, every designee of The College agrees to adhere to our Code of Ethics, which includes a professional pledge and eight canons that address ongoing education and ethical standards.

We believe individuals who use our designations to represent their expertise to consumers have an obligation to the public to practice ethically and engage in ongoing professional education, something that is particularly important in today’s environment of complex products and regulations.

Professional recertification serves as a way for designees of The College to maintain their designations through ethical oversight and continuing education (CE). 

Recertification Requirements

The expanded Professional Recertification Program, which builds on the tradition of the long-standing Professional Achievement in Continuing Education (PACE) program, has three main components:

  • Annual reporting
  • Continuing education
  • A modest program fee of $125 (client facing) or $50 (non-client facing)

On January 1, 2017, PACE recertification requirements officially transitioned to the expanded program.

Maintaining your designation(s) requires participation in the Professional Recertification Program.

Learn more about the program requirements in the documentation below.


To continue building respect for our designations and to ensure designees continue to strengthen the profession by remaining current and knowledgeable, The American College of Financial Services launched the enhanced Professional Recertification Program on January 1, 2017.  

The American College of Financial Services wants to ensure that the credentials our students earn remain current, relevant and serve as an emblem of excellence and expertise with both peers and clients. For this reason, The College requires designees to:

  • Recertify their knowledge with continuing education (CE) every two years
  • Recommit to The American College of Financial Services standard of ethics
  • Reconfirm client-facing status annually
  • Update contact information annually
  • Pay an annual fee to enable The College to enforce the professional standards of the program

The Professional Recertification Program represents a milestone in The College’s commitment to professionalism, ongoing education, and ethics. It will provide broader access to educational resources for you and greater respect from your clients for the designations you hold.

Once The College awards a designation, that designee has a “right to use” the designation mark, provided all ongoing recertification requirements are met. Unlike academic degrees, designations can be removed for ethical violations or other forms of noncompliance.

If you hold any of the following designations from The American College of Financial Services, you must participate in the Professional Recertification Program for your designation to remain active:

  • CAP®
  • CASL®
  • ChFC®
  • ChSNC®
  • CLF®
  • CLU®
  • FSCP®
  • RICP®
  • WMCP®

Participation in the Professional Recertification Program is generally not required for legacy marks no longer offered to new students by The College, and for those conferred by other institutions, including REBC®, RHU®, ChHC®, and LUTCF, however, the CASL® designation remains subject to recertification. 

Professional Recertification Program participants have access to a variety of benefits and features that support the program, most notably the Professional Resource Center.

Through the Professional Resource Center, all program participants can access a wealth of up-to-date educational material directly related to his/her designation program(s), as well as webcasts, premium third-party content, and educational videos created exclusively for the Professional Recertification Program by The College’s expert faculty. 

Having access to current educational content for your designation helps you remain prepared to serve clients well with the most up-to-date, relevant information on planning strategies and products you can use to help clients plan for their financial future.

All Professional Resource Center content is available online and accessible from desktop and mobile devices. 

Program participants also have access to a new ethics course that meets state continuing education requirements almost everywhere.

In the future, designees will be able to use the Professional Resource Center to obtain certificates indicating a designee is in compliance with professional recertification standards.

Use My Portal to access the Professional Resource Center and your Professional Recertification Program content.

Designees will likely have questions about how they are affected by recertification, whether they're considered "client facing" or "non-client facing" under the program guidelines, when and how to pay fees, etc. 

The College answers questions designees are likely to have about the Professional Recertification Program in the FAQ.