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Podcasts for Financial Advisors: Your Practice and Expertise

The financial planning sector is a rapidly evolving industry. It’s therefore crucial to stay informed on the latest topics and trends that apply to your practice. This enables you to offer sound advice to your clients. Are you a financial planner looking to grow your practice and gain a competitive edge over your peers? Our podcasts for financial advisors cover a wide range of real world financial topics for budding and seasoned wealth management professionals.

Women Working in Wealth

The "Women Working in WealthSM" podcast is a production of the American College Center for Women in Financial Services. It highlights the unique career opportunities for females within the financial services industry. It also aims to dispel myths surrounding the profession through engaging conversations with industry leaders.

Explore various roles within the industry, including banking and insurance companies or brokers. This podcast uses a long-form interview-style format that offers an immersive experience, where our presenters and guests answer thought-provoking questions. Our guests share how their personal journeys helped them in achieving their career goals.

Wealth, Managed

Produced by The American College of Financial Services, "Wealth, Managed with Michael Finke and David Blanchett" tackles recent developments in the wealth management industry. Our two wealth management experts take on trending topics in an informative and entertaining style. They host an array of professionals and discuss the current state of financial services, investments, the economy, and more intriguing topics.

NextGen in 10

The "NextGen in 10" podcast is a production of The American College of Financial Services' NextGen Advisory Task Force. This task force represents the next generation of leaders in the finserve industry. These personal finance podcasts promote the best practice management routines for the up-and-coming financial experts. This can help them attract next-generation investors and achieve financial independence.