Introducing The Brightspace Student Experience

APRIL 1, 2020

HS 347 Practical Applications in Financial Planning

GS 839 Planning for Philanthropic Impact
GS 849 Charitable Strategies
GS 859 Gift Planning in a Nonprofit Context

HS 375 Introduction to Disabilities and Lifetime Planning
HS 376 Legal and Fin. Issues for Special Needs Families
HS 377 Fin. Planning for Special Needs Families

MAY 1, 2020

HS 371 Essential of Management Development
HS 372 Leading Practices Seminar
HS 373 Practice Manage Concepts
HS 381 Integrated Leadership Practices
HS 385 Leg. The Mktg. Org. of the Future (Capst.)
HS 386 Field Management Seminar (FMS)

GS 811 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
GS 814 Qualified Retirement Plans
GS 815 Advanced Estate Planning I
GS 817 Personal Tax Planning
GS 838 Business Succession Planning II
GS 842 Executive Compensation

GS 940 Dynamic Organizational Leadership

HS 353 Retirement Income Process, Strategies, Solutions
HS 354 Sources of Retirement Income
HS 355 Managing the Retirement Income Plan

JUNE 1, 2020

HS 300 Financial Planning: Process and Environment
HS 311 Fundamentals of Insurance Planning 
HS 321 Income Taxation
HS 323 Individual Life Insurance
HS 324 Life Insurance Law
HS 326 Planning for Retirement Needs
HS 328 Investments
HS 330 Fundamentals of Estate Planning
HS 331 Planning for Business Owners and Professionals
HS 333 Financial Planning Applications

HS 382 Leadership in a Changing World
HS 383 Interpersonal Relationships in the Workplace
HS 384 Creat. Prob. Solv. & the Strat. Plan. Proc.
HS 387 Marketing Management of Financial Services
HS 388 Leading In The Office Environment
HS 389 Human Resource Management

GS 960 Leading Strategy Development

JULY 1, 2020

FA 200 Techniques for Prospecting or Perishing
FA 201 Techniques for Exploring Personal Markets
FA 202 Techniques for Meeting Client Needs
FA 204 Marketing Financial Services to Women
FA 222 Essentials of Multiline Insurance Products
FA 251 Essentials of Business Insurance
FA 257 Essentials of Life Insurance Products
FA 261 Foundations of Retirement Planning
FA 271 Foundations of Estate Planning
FA 290 Ethics for the Financial Services Professional
FP 99 Foundations of Financial Planning- An Overview-

AUGUST 1, 2020

GS 803 Financial Statement Analysis
GS 807 MSFS Case Study Project
GS 808 Advanced Issues in Retirement Planning
GS 831 Ethics and Human Values
GS 840 Building & Managing the F.A. Practice
GS 869 Legacy Planning Reimagined: Residency I

​GS 900 Communications and Leadership (Residency I)
GS 910 Leadership Development Experience
GS 920 Personal and Interpersonal Leadership Skills (Residency I)
​GS 930 Classic and Contemporary Leadership Studies
GS 950 Law Compliance, Benefits and Social Responsibility
GS 970 Decision-Making Leadership Skills
GS 980 Ethics in Leadership (Residency II)
GS 990 Organizational Change/Capstone

*Staggered migration of courses.