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The Center focuses on uplifting and promoting female professionals and the female consumers the industry serves through mentorship, sponsorship, community, and applied financial knowledge.

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We Champion Women

The American College Center for Women in Financial Services’ mission is to promote the advancement of women in the financial services profession through research, education, and awareness.

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Advance Your Awareness

Women to Inherit $30 Trillion by 2030

The greatest wealth transfer is here1, yet 20% of financial professionals are women.2 We deliver insights on important topics spanning the field to advance gender parity and prepare the industry to meet the needs of female consumers.

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Activate Gender Parity

Your Commitment Connects and Advances Women

We foster connection through engagement. Sign up for our newsletter, unify in partnership to expand your network, become a sponsor, and register for upcoming webcasts.

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Documented Gender Disparities Continue


Of senior leadership and C-suite roles in financial services are held by men – a disproportionately high number.3


Of all equity, fixed income, and allocation funds in the U.S. are exclusively managed by men-only fund management teams – a sign that there's much work to do.4


Of widows change financial advisors within one year following their husband’s death.5

Our Strategic Priorities

  • Research to Inform an Industry

    Our ongoing, timely, and primary research delivers insights on essential topics impacting women in financial services. Research from outside sources is also examined and evaluated to inform ongoing initiatives. Together, our findings determine the best ways to advance gender parity and open new doors for women everywhere.

  • An Award to Salute Women Leaders

    Our annual Women Working in WealthSM Awards honors women who inspire, mentor, and strive to advance other women in financial services. Shining a light on these women in front of their peers, male advocates, the media, and the profession helps promote the change we seek.

  • Event on International Women’s Day

    Our annual Women Working in Wealth<sup>SM</sup> Summit salutes women across the financial services industry. Explore and partake with professionals from across the country and their allies as they come together to collaborate, celebrate insights and innovations, and support each other in advancing gender parity. 

  • Stages to Share

    Committed to you, your female colleagues, and all allies, we have many channels to amplify your stories and perspectives. Subscribe to our newsletter. Register for CE webcasts and enroll in courses. Listen to our Women Working in WealthSM podcast. Review research that delivers data and details you need to propel change. 

We utilize a multi-faceted approach to achieve our mission and make a lasting impact.

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1 Morgan Stanley. Women, Wealth, and Investing — A Story of Evolution. June 2022

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3 Deloitte Insights. Leadership, representation, gender equity in financial services. November 4, 2021.

4 Morningstar. The percentage of U.S. female fund managers is exactly where it was in 2000. March 16, 2021.

5 FA-Mag. Don’t give female clients a reason to leave. October 4, 2022.