Frequently Asked Questions about the WMCP® program

How much does the program tuition cost?

WMCP® program tuition is $2,900, with two options for payment. Paying in full at the time of enrollment offers a $150 tuition reduction, bringing the total to $2,750. You can also select the payment plan, which requires $495 at the time of enrollment, and then $481 per month for the following five (5) months.


When and how will the payment plan installments be collected?

Payment plan installments are collected automatically via credit card on the 1st and 15th of each month, depending upon when you enroll. For enrollments occurring between the 1st and 15th of the month, installments will be charged on the 1st of each following month. For enrollments occurring on the 16th or later, installments will be charged on the 15th of each following month.


Can I cancel and refund my enrollment?

A refund, minus $495, can be requested up until thirty (30) days from enrollment. Beyond thirty days, enrollments will no longer be eligible for a refund.

What is a Program Window?

The Program Window is the period during which you have to successfully complete course requirements and pass the final exam in order to qualify for the designation. The Program Window includes the month in which you enroll, plus twelve (12) months. The Program Window includes three (3) final exam attempts at no additional cost.


What is a Program Window Extension?

If you reach the end of your Program Window and require additional time to complete course requirements or to sit for and pass the exam, you may purchase a Program Window Extension for $130.00. The Program Window Extension provides you the current month plus an additional four (4) months of time to complete the course requirements and pass the final exam.


If I reach the end of my Program Window Extension and have not passed the final exam, can I purchase another extension?

Yes. Additional Program Window Extensions can be purchased for $130.


If I choose to wait to enroll in a Program Window Extension, is the cost prorated because I have less time than if I had enrolled sooner?

No. The cost to enroll in a Program Window Extension is $495, regardless of when you enroll.


If I reach the end of my Program Window Extension and have not passed the final exam, can I purchase another extension?

No. If you reach the end of a maximum 18-month period (Program Window plus Program Window Extension), you must enroll and begin your studies again at the full cost of tuition.

What is the format of the final exam?

The final exam is comprised of 150 multiple choice questions that must be administered at a PearsonVUE testing center. You will be given four (4) hours to complete the exam, with a short break at your discretion.


What is considered a passing score on the final exam?

A passing score on the final exam is 70% or higher.


If I exhaust all of my included final exam attempts, can I purchase another exam attempt?

Yes! Additional exam attempts can be purchased via your student portal for $125.00.


If I purchase an additional exam attempt, does it add time to my Program Window?

No. The Program Window and Program Window Extension lengths are not impacted or affected by the purchase of additional exam attempts.


What do I need to complete in order to be eligible to register for the final exam?

You must first complete all required Knowledge Checks and Simulations in order to be eligible to register for the final exam. You can check your progress via the Completion Tracker or by viewing your Weekly Learner Scoreboard in your WMCP® program. In addition, your account must not reflect a past due balance.


If I am enrolled in the payment plan and have completed all course requirements, can I schedule my exam if I still have payments remaining?

Yes. If your account is current and there is no past due balance, you may schedule your final exam while still having installments remaining. However, your account must be paid in full in order to apply for the designation upon successful completion of the program and final exam.

How long will it take me to complete the WMCP® program?

Every student’s study time and commitment will vary based on his/her knowledge of the subject matter, learning styles, and how quickly content is consumed. Our faculty estimates a baseline of 100 hours of study time, assuming six (6) hours per week over the course of 17 weeks.


What are the requirements for being awarded the WMCP® designation?

You must complete all course requirements, pass the final exam, meet the one-year minimum experience requirement, agree to comply with The American College Code of Ethics and Procedures, and your account must be paid in full to qualify for WMCP® designation conferral.


Is CE available for WMCP®?

Yes, state CE credit is approved for many states, and pending for others. See grid here.


Does WMCP® qualify for Professional Recertification Program credit?

Yes! WMCP® qualifies for Professional Recertification Program credit, and the recertification guidelines are the same as our other programs.

Will I receive a textbook and physical study materials, or can I download content from the program?

No. WMCP® is an immersive online experience and requires an internet connection. Review the technical requirements for the program here.


What can I expect from the learning experience?

WMCP® is an immersive online experience comprised of a confidence-based assessment, interactive text and learning objects, video instruction, knowledge checks, behavioral self-checks, simulations, video interviews with thought leaders, and practice exams.