My Calling to Serve

Throughout my career, every job has been big, even if it was small. Maya Angelou once said, “Nothing will work unless you do.” That speaks to me, as I have always believed that opportunity is the reward of perseverance, and that every step taken should be forward. I proudly serve as The College’s 10th President and CEO.

George Nichols III, President and CEO


2020 Election Financial Services
Oct 27, 2020

The 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 presented a national sea change in voting rights. I was five at...

Campaign Gratitude Veterans Scholarships
Sep 29, 2020

Our work to benefit society goes so much further than the programs we offer. At the end of the day, The College’s spirit for financial stewardship...

The American College of Financial Services Online Communities
Sep 01, 2020

The heartbeat of our mission is “community” – and as we know, it takes on many forms. We can partner with academics, local officials, and...


Personal Pathway Learning Model

Personal Pathway™

Personal Pathway™ is about you. It’s about helping you master knowledge better and faster. And it’s about putting you in control of your learning. Discover how The College's new learning model completely revolutionizes the way you experience one of our courses. It's flexible, yet structured. Timely, yet time-tested.

Retirement financial thought leadership

Retirement Thought Leadership

Retirement is a word built on hopes and dreams, but it’s not always built on plans. With a recent study amazingly showing just 1-in-10 Boomers financially prepared to retire, The College aims to amplify the message of applied education to financial professionals and the clients they serve.

Brightspace Learning Management System

New Learning Management System

No matter how and where you learn, technology has the power to put you in the classroom from anywhere. As your life-long learning partner, The American College of Financial Services is excited to announce the implementation of Brightspace by D2L. Course migration began April 1.

Four Steps Forward Narrow Racial Wealth Gap

Upward Mobility and Wealth Building for Black America

This Four Steps Forward plan is for the financial services industry to effect sustainable, generational change by tackling racial inequality, narrowing the racial wealth gap, and advancing the profession.