Professional Recertification

Professional Recertification

PACE Program to Transition into Professional Recertification Program

The American College of Financial Services’ continuing education program, PACE, is being phased out and transitioned into a new Professional Recertification Program that will make recertification more streamlined and offer a number of new benefits for designees.

Your new Professional Recertification Program is targeted to launch on Jan. 1, 2017.

How are PACE program participants affected?

PACE program participants are not required to take any action at this time. You may continue to track your CE hours as you have been.

When will I need to make my next recertification payment?

Part of the new Professional Recertification Program involves building a new system for processing and collecting payments online, which will make paying for your recertification quick and easy.

Due to the new payment system being developed and the program transition, The College is not currently accepting recertification fees. As noted above, those participants who recertified for the 2014-2015 period will remain current for 2016.

If designations you received from The American College of Financial Services are inactive due to PACE non-compliancy, you can apply for reinstatement by completing the Reinstatement Application.

Designations Covered Under the New Professional Recertification Program

  • CLU®
  • RICP®
  • ChFC®
  • CLF®
  • CASL®
  • ChSNC™
  • CAP®
  • FSCP®

If you hold any of the above designations, you will need to participate in the new Professional Recertification Program in order for your designation from The American College of Financial Services to remain active.

Why is This Change Necessary?

The mission of The American College of Financial Services is to raise the level of professionalism in financial services by promoting ongoing education, ethical practices and the pursuit of new knowledge for the benefit of society.

A strong Professional Recertification Program is a necessary element of achieving The College’s mission.

The American College of Financial Services believes it is critical for its alumni to stay continually updated on what is happening in the financial services profession. This demonstration of current knowledge, along with acting in an ethical manner, is what differentiates those who have earned a professional credential from The College from those who have not.

Other skilled professions demand those practicing therein adhere to similar continuing education standards. The comprehensive Professional Recertification Program will focus on elevating The College and its students to the same level of professional rigor and competency found across the most impactful professions.

Additionally, The College strives to develop a stronger, ongoing learning relationship with its students and to ensure that a credential from The American College of Financial Services always remains relevant and is seen as an emblem of excellence.

Stay Tuned for More Information

More details on the new Professional Recertification Program will be available on The American College of Financial Services website in the coming months.

Additionally, you will receive a direct communication introducing you to the new program as soon as all of the key program details are confirmed.

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