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Exam Scheduling

Exam Scheduling

Learn about Pearson VUE testing centers.

You may now be able to test online with a webcam proctor.  Click here to learn more.

To schedule your exam appointments and find exam center locations, please contact Pearson VUE at 1-866-EXAMTAC (392-6822) (toll-free) or visit their website. Exams are not scheduled through The College, all scheduling must be done through Pearson VUE. When making your exam appointment, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Enrollment name: Last name and first initial
  • Student ID number
  • Course-test series number

Important Notice:

Please note there are two types of VUE testing centers, Pearson Professional Testing Centers (PPC's) and VUE Authorized Testing Centers. The PPC's are owned and operated by Pearson VUE and offer the highest level of exam delivery. There are over 200 PPC's in the testing center network. The VUE Authorized centers include more than 3,000 centers that are independently owned and operated in over 130 countries. When scheduling your appointment, ask if there is a PPC in your area.

Canceling and Rescheduling Your Exam Appointment:

Contact Pearson VUE at 1-866-392-6822 or online to cancel or reschedule your exam. Do not leave a voice mail message when making, changing, or canceling appointments. Do not call The College to cancel an appointment. Only Pearson VUE can cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Once you have canceled your appointment, you can reschedule in the same examination window with any center and without charge, provided you cancel by 7 pm central time the business day before the appointment. If you want to reschedule, you must do so before the expiration date on your exam ticket.

If you are unable to test before the end of your examination window, there is a $125 fee to reschedule.

Exam Day Arrival, Use of Calculators, and Grades:

Be sure to arrive at the testing center at least 15 minutes before your appointment. Bring one form of valid personal identification bearing your photo and/or physical description such as driver’s license, passport, employee ID card etc. The examination is "mouse" and/or "keyboard" driven. If you need instructions on how to use the computer, you are entitled to receive a tutorial before your exam begins.

You may bring one nonprinting, non-alphanumeric, battery-powered, hand-held calculator with an internal rate of return function to the College's examinations. For HS 300 and HS 328, a calculator is required to answer some exam questions. For HS 321, HS 323, HS 326, HS 330, HS 331, and GS 811, we strongly recommend that you bring a calculator to the exams, although it is not required to answer the questions. We also recommend that you become proficient in using a financial calculator if you intend to sit for the CFP® Certification Examination, for which calculator use is required. Selected assignments in HS 300 and in review materials for this exam include practice exercises for using financial calculators; contact the Office of Professional Education for more information. For other HS and GS course examinations, a calculator is neither required nor recommended.

The College's study materials for HS 300 and HS 328 support the HP-10BII calculator. We strongly recommend that you use a calculator supported by the course; however, you may use any financial calculator that meets the above specifications.

The exam is graded as "pass" or "fail" as soon as you complete it. However, all exams for HS courses are also assigned letter grades. You will receive the pass/fail message as well as a printed performance analysis, which indicates assignments to review if you need to retake the exam. In several days, you will receive your official grade report, which will list a grade of A, B, or C if you passed the exam.


Pearson VUE needs 24 hours advance notice to schedule your exam. All appointments are made on a first-come, first-served basis, and are subject to seating availability. No walk-in or same-day exams are available. Check with Pearson VUE if you are interested in testing that week.

Special Needs:

The College can provide additional time if English is your second language. Requests must be made in writing to the Examination Systems Department at least two weeks prior to your desired appointment. Special accommodations can also be made if you have a disability and/or a learning impairment. Requests must be made in writing to Examination Systems at least one month prior to your desired appointment. You will be required to provide medical documentation of your disability. Paper-and pencil exams are available only under special circumstances by writing to Examination Systems at least two months before the desired appointment. A fee may be charged for this service.

The American College partnered with Pearson VUE as its sole provider of examination computer-based testing. Based on Pearson VUE's commitment to customer service, their comprehensive test development capabilities and their use of the latest computer-based testing technology, the College is confident that this will enhance the student testing experience. Currently serving over 150 countries, Pearson VUE operates more than 3,000 authorized centers in its rapidly expanding network.