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Filling a much-needed void in the profession and society, the Center focuses on actionable research, purposeful professional development, and community connections through conferences and events.

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Sustainable, Economic Change

The American College Center for Economic Empowerment and Equality® (CEEE) is committed to narrowing the wealth gap and promoting economic justice with solutions that last.1

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Dare to Deliver

Knowledge Empowers Growth

Hopes and dreams aren’t moving the profession forward. We believe in the capacity of financial knowledge to support individuals and families, inspire communities, affect economies, move markets, and impact business owners.

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Join Our Mission

Working Together, We Can Do More

Join us in cultivating lasting relationships between financial services and underserved communities as we leverage research, initiatives, and partnerships to drive real change.

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Wealth Disparities Are Real


More white people inherit generational wealth than Blacks.2


More Whites participate in employer retirement plans as compared to Latinos.3


More Whites are likely to own a home than Blacks.3

A Plan for Action

  • Financial Education for Black Women

    Black women are capable professionals, civic-minded leaders, financial decision-makers, and the keystones for social, educational, and financial knowledge in the family. The future is not just driven by women, but it’s one led in Black communities by women business professionals, heads of household, and the next generation of women college students. By educating and empowering Black women, we educate and empower the face of Black communities.

  • Recruiting and Training Initiatives

    The industry recognizes the need to support lasting professional diversity, but too often, diversity efforts become a box-checking exercise that leads to a revolving door. We believe the solution is a holistic model that promotes corporate culture and maps out a path to career success. Our donors help fund scholarships for current and future Black professionals – including for students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

  • Purposeful Executive Training

    Blacks only occupy 3.2% of the senior leadership roles at large U.S. companies and just 0.8% of all CEOs at Fortune 500 companies. They need more opportunities to move from middle management into senior management and executive roles, including corporate Board service. Through advocacy, training, mentorship, and partnership, we strive to help Black professionals move into positions of power and influence.

  • Collective Impact for All

    Through top-down organizational thinking and bottom-up, boots-on-the-ground insight, this initiative thinks big, yet surgically executes at the community level. For some communities, that may mean advancing knowledge around economic and financial issues, for others, developing tools and programs from the ground up. The goal is to create a massive knowledge and wealth transfer to the Black community.

Our Four Steps Forward® are designed to promote upward mobility and wealth building for Black America.

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1 McKinsey & Company. The economic impact of closing the racial wealth gap. 08/13/2019.

2 Peterson Institute for International Economics. 2019.

3 Citi. Closing the racial inequality gaps. 09/01/2020.