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Our research shows less than 25% of people understand basic retirement income concepts.1 Learn how the Center addresses the gap through applied knowledge, research, and thought leadership.

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Elevate Education to Empower a Strong Retirement

The American College Center for Retirement Income elevates the retirement income planning knowledge of financial service professionals in order to improve retirement security for Americans.

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Recognizing Our Founding Partner

A Resource for Retirement Income Planning

In 2007, New York Life made a generous donation to The College to address America's retirement income planning knowledge gap. With their partnership, the Center for Retirement Income was established to elevate financial professionals' expertise.

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Independent Research

Assessing America's Retirement Income Knowledge

The Retirement Income Literacy Survey is an ongoing research project that assesses the retirement knowledge of many different groups of Americans. We focus especially on the drawdown phase when retirees have limited ability to earn additional money.

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About the RICP®

Specialized Knowledge for Financial Professionals

The Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) Program is designed for experienced financial professionals seeking to specialize in retirement income planning. It gives you the skills to build sustainable, approach-agnostic retirement plans.

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Older Americans Are Not Prepared


Inaccurately estimate life expectancy after age 65.1


Don't understand how bonds typically respond to inflation.1


Have a plan for long-term care, even though 70% of elderly will require it.1

Areas of Focus

  • Keep Abreast of Current Knowledge

    Because the issues affecting retirement income are constantly changing, the Center is committed to using our unique position at the nexus of academia and the financial services industry. Our faculty analyze such macro trends as changes to Social Security, the shift to an older population, and the evolving role of work. Additionally, we continue to assess the level of knowledge of the general public about these issues.

  • Create Thought Leadership

    Our research has found that a lack of knowledge about retirement income topics exists in the general public. Additionally, the level of expertise in this area among financial professionals is insufficient. Education is the key to closing this gap. By continuing to create and disseminate thought leadership aimed at older Americans, we are raising the level of knowledge on these topics.

  • Expand Professional Credentials

    The Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) Program is an extensive and intensive retirement income education that covers all retirement income styles and strategies. Designation holders have the skills to build the sustainable and holistic retirement plans clients expect. The program covers estate planning techniques, portfolio assessment, personal finance best practices, health expense budget creation, home equity strategies, and more. 

The Center for Retirement Income seeks to narrow the knowledge gap for both consumers and professionals with a multi-faceted approach.

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1 The American College of Financial Services. Retirement Income Literacy Survey. 2020.