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Increasing diversity in financial services and philanthropic advising starts with you.

One of the biggest problems facing the financial services profession is a profound lack of diversity. Around 13% of the U.S. population is African American, yet among financial services practitioners, just under eight percent are of African ancestry.

The American College of Financial Services believes the financial industry must make a concerted effort to recruit, educate, place, and support thousands more Black financial advisors. The face of this profession needs to change, and that change starts now.

By providing African Americans more opportunities to pursue a career in financial services and philanthropic advising, The College hopes our African American Scholarships will bring awareness to and help close the racial gap.

Our mission is to increase the number of African American financial professionals by providing scholarships, educational support, and placement opportunities to African Americans pursuing a career in the financial industry.

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The American College of Financial Services is the leading educator for individuals in the financial services profession with over 150,000 graduates holding designations and graduate degrees. The College’s African American Advisor Scholarship Program seeks to establish strategic partnerships to address the lack of diversity in the profession by providing educational support in the form of scholarships and career opportunities to African Americans interested in expanding their careers. Applicants cannot be eligible for educational reimbursement from their employer.

Full tuition scholarships are available for the following professional designation programs​:

RICP® - Retirement Income Certified Professional®

ChFC® - Chartered Financial Consultant®

CLU® - Chartered Life Underwriter®


ChSNC® - Chartered Special Needs Consultant®

CAP® - Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®

CLF® - Chartered Leadership Fellow®

FSCP® - Financial Services Certified Professional®


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The American College of Financial Services provides scholarships through the Center for Economic Empowerment and Equality (CEEE). One of these scholarships is the LPL Equity / HBCU Student Scholarship.

If we are ever going to increase diversity in the financial profession we must start by inspiring the next generations of advisors. That starts with engagement at the undergraduate level when students are still considering their career options. 

The American College of Financial Services’ LPL Equity / HBCU Student Scholarship Program offers a pathway for college and university students:

  • who have completed their sophomore year,
  • are enrolled and in good academic standing at:
    • any four-year, Bachelor’s degree-granting college or university
    • any four-year, Bachelor’s degree-granting HBCU

The College provides these students the opportunity to learn about the financial services industry and get a head start.

When completing the LPL Equity / HBCU Student Scholarship Application, the required supporting material will be:

  • A copy of your current resume.

  • Transcripts from your most recently completed educational program.

  • Three references - names and email addresses

Through the LPL Equity / HBCU Student Scholarship Program, full scholarships will be awarded by The College to qualified candidates who pursue the following professional designation programs:​

RICP® - Retirement Income Certified Professional®

ChFC® - Chartered Financial Consultant®

WMCP® - Wealth Management Certified Professional®


CLF® - Chartered Leadership Fellow®

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Scholarships are awarded on a rolling, competitive basis based on recommendations of a scholarship review committee, which is appointed by each program director. The selection committee will review and evaluate each applicant based on achievements, education potential, financial need, and “x factor” (may include results from interview, income level, disability, family situation, volunteer work, etc.).

Only one scholarship per applicant will be awarded and applicants cannot be a current student of The American College of Financial Services.

For questions about the African American Scholarship Program, please contact the scholarship manager, Tayller Marcee, at